Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The most impressive photos from the revolution in Ukraine. 50 photos.

All the events on the photos below are in chronological order.

November 24. The first collisions between revolutionists and police. Photo Efrem Lukatsky/AP.

Evening November 29.

November 30. Reuters' reporter.

December 1. People ask police not to shoot them.

December 1. Assault on President Administration.

December 1. Assault on President Administration.

December 3. A ballerina in points in the occupied administrative building.

December. An occupied administrative building.

December 7. A man playing the piano for police.

December 8. A million people gathered on the main square in Ukraine.

December 10. Children don't afraid of the police on the streets.

December 10. People ask the police not to shoot them.

The assault.

A piece of kindness.

The hogmanay. A million Ukrainians sing the Ukrainian anthem.

January 6. Sergey Nigoyan near the barricades. January 22 he will be killed.

"We are changing our country. Sorry for the inconveniences"

January 19. The police bus.

January 19. Vitaly Klichko was poured over by a fire extinguisher.

January 20. The catapult.

January 20. The burned-out buses in frosen foam from fire extinguishers.

January 20. A patriot in the burned-out bus.

January 22. A priest asks not to shoot.

January 23. Fireworks and grenades.

January 24. People use road signs as shields.

A child on the war.

Molotov cocktail.

February 18. The rainbow through the barricades.

The two victims - a father and his son. They are both university teachers.

Dead bodies.

A sniper shot a volunteer medical girl.

February 20.  The main square of the country.

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